Autonomous checkouts:

Increase your
in-store revenues

Leav allows retailers to reconnect with their customers through its contactless, cloud-based platform.

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The autonomous democratization

For years, autonomous checkouts have remained exclusive to large retailers. Small and medium retailers couldn't afford to compete with these big brands, until now.


Scan & Go just got plug and play

Easy installation

Leav is designed to go live within hours! No technician is required, simply follow our installation guide.

One platform, one experience

Customers can enjoy one seamless experience at every participating store. There is no more need to download an app or create an account every time for every location.


Every store is unique, so Leav adapts to your needs. By integrating with existing systems, Leav allows you to continue your daily operations without reshaping every inch of your store.

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The contactless revolution delivered to your door.

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Increase customer loyalty

by automating the entire cashier experience for your store associates and your customers.

Users can simply scan the items they want to purchase directly on their phone to add them to their digital cart without any friction. Store associates can spend more time on customer service and product recommendation rather than order processing.

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Increase average basket size

by displaying product reviews and real time product recommendations.

Customers can see frequently bought together items and other user reviews as well as additional product information tailored to their purchasing habits.

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Increase customers' lifetime value

by making sure your customers want to come back and don't abandon their carts.

Leav makes the checkout experience as seamless as possible so that your customers feel welcomed and valued every time they return.

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Core features

Why choose Leav?

Our solutions are designed to convey a unified experience for retailers and their customers.


All transactions are PCI level 1 compliant and undergo the strictest industry regulations. Our security system protects retailers against theft and keeps them updated in real-time on the status of their products.


No matter if you are a big, medium or large retailer, our solutions adapt to your existing infrastructures.


If you are not tech-savvy, don't worry, we've got your back! We'll be more than happy to provide you with on-site assistance and technical support to get you started.

Easy to use

Leav provides a hands-off experience, so that all of your customers, even those that visit for the first time, can self-checkout without any prior use.


Leav is a cloud-based platform, allowing us to continuously update our software and easily upgrade or downgrade already deployed solutions.

Easily scalable

Our solutions grow with you, regardless of your size or number of locations. Our representatives will guide you towards a solution that best suits your needs.

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